How we helped Maisie (further)

Awhile back the SPBF released a series of short videos in which they explained how they had been able to assist various officers and their families in coping with challenging experiences and situations they were having to deal with. One such family was Alan and Claire Wilkie and their daughter Maisie. SPBF is very pleased to announce that recently we have been able to assist the family again in providing Maisie with a new specialist all terrain wheelchair as she had outgrown her old one. This highlights the importance SPBF places on supporting its members and their families throughout their journey. Members are not restricted to one application and every request for assistance will be looked at under its own merits.

We were delighted to received the following photograph showing Maisie enjoying her new wheelchair and getting out and about with all the family, including the family dog! We hope you enjoy your new chair Maisie and have lots of wonderful memories in it.

If you would like to view the video showing how the SPBF helped Maisie and her family previously, click here

The SPBF previously produced a series of short videos spotlighting some of our work. In them, officers and their families tell us their stories and what the Scottish Police Benevolent Fund has done for them. You can view these videos by clicking on our blog via the home page. If you know somebody who needs help then contact us.

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