Notification of Membership Amnesty & Increase in Monthly Subscription from April 2024

The Scottish Police Benevolent Fund is the ONLY Police Charity fully dedicated to Scottish serving Police Officers, Support Staff, Retired members, and their families.  It exists purely through the generous donations given by its subscribing members.

Created in 2012 following the amalgamation of the eight Scottish Police Forces, since then the charity has issued more than £2.5 million in grants and other financial assistance to its members, their families, and other worthy causes.  The charity operates with the intention of preventing or alleviating poverty and the relief of those in need by reason of ill health, disability, or financial hardship.

Examples of assistance previously provided include:

  • Assistance with specialist medical equipment or house adjustments for members who have been injured or become disabled in some way through illness.
  • Assisting members children who have required specialist medical equipment or care due to severe disablement or illness.
  • Assistance to secure basic needs and household equipment to families suffering severe financial stress.

Awards are issued by way of a full grant or an interest free loan over an agreed period.

The Charity will soon celebrate its 12-year anniversary.  It is a testament to the Trustees and other volunteers who maintain the Charity on behalf of its members that the monthly subscription fee has not increased since its inception and remained at £1.50 before tax for almost 12 years. This equates to an actual cost per member of only £1.20 or less per month depending on your tax band.

The Charity to cover increased costs, inflation and on-going demands placed upon it, will be increasing the monthly subscription from APRIL 2024, to £1.95 per calendar month.   This equates to £1.56 a month after tax deduction at source, an increase of only 36 pence a month!

Serving Members are reminded that only those subscribing are eligible to submit an application for assistance.  Eligible retired members who have paid subscriptions to date of retirement are entitled to honorary life membership of the fund.



The Charity is pleased to announce that for a short period, non-members of the Charity will be afforded the opportunity to join the Fund under the terms as afforded to new recruits to the service.

PLEASE NOTE: Serving Police Officers AND Police Support Staff members are eligible to join.

Members joining the Charity at time of taking service are afforded a three-month period of free subscription, before commencing payment.  Members who normally join on a later date are not afforded this free period, nor eligible to apply for assistance for a period of at least 12 months from joining in line with similar schemes.

New members joining during this moratorium period will therefore receive the 3-month free period and be eligible to apply with immediate effect.   This offer will NOT be repeated and ends on 31/01/24.

If you are not already a member and would like to join then please go to our website at or use the QR Code below, where you can download the application form and submit via email.


Life sadly has a way of throwing you a curve ball at times!

Do you and your family a favour for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a month and know that you have somewhere to turn to in your time of need.

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