Proposal to AGM to Change Constitution

The Trustees of the charity are proposing the following change to the constitution.
It will be presented to the AGM of the Fund on 22nd August 2016 at Perth Police Station.

This resolution is being sought to change Section 67 of the Constitution of the Scottish Police Benevolent Fund.

Section 67 currently states

67. The charity trustees must elect (from among themselves) a chair, a treasurer and a secretary.

It is requested that this section now read:-

67. The charity trustees must elect (from among themselves) a chair and a secretary.
67.1 The charity trustees must identify a suitable person to undertake the role as Treasurer. This person may be from the Board of Trustees.

  • The role of the Treasurer requires some financial knowledge and training.
  • Furthermore section 67 restricts the charity to elect a treasurer from the board of trustees.
  • The charity business processes are established on the assumption that the Treasurer would be a Trustee.
  • The charity currently employs a member of staff to assist in the role of Treasurer.

This proposal should future proof the role of Treasurer within the SPBF. It may be the case that as the charity grows there may be a requirement to employ a Treasurer directly.