Well not quite! But Tony certainly will have a few animals, beasties and other extreme challenges to contend with on this journey.

SPBF is extremely grateful to ex Police Officer Tony Catlin, who is embarking on what is classed as the U.K.’s most difficult hike and recognised as one of the finest, challenging, and scenic long distance hikes in the world. Known as the Cape Wrath Trail, it’s a gruelling 230 mile minimum unmarked hike, all in aid of raising funds for the Scottish Police Benevolent Fund.

Tony who is 65 years young, will be undertaking this hike solo.  Carrying all his own kit (18-20kgs pack) he will have to contend with snakes, difficult terrain and of course the Scottish weather.  If that isn’t enough, he will be adding a few freezing cold swims in lochs as well as a few summit climbs and river crossings, just to spice things up a bit!!

Tony starts his marathon hike on 18 April and has created a Just Giving donation page which you can access using this link.

He hopes to raise at least £1,000 for our vital charity work but of course he would love it to be more.   Tony would be most grateful if you would be so kind to support his efforts and give a donation no matter how small or large.

Whilst on his travels, he hopes to gives us regular updates, photos & videos showing his endeavours and we look forward to seeing them.  SPBF wishes Tony every success in undertaking this monumental effort towards raising support for our Police Officers, Support Staff and their families in time of need.

In preparation Tony has been undertaking a few practice hikes and trying to fine tune his equipment needs and kit bag weight. However, he seems to be having difficulty with a couple of stowaways who seem determined to play a part!

Below is a map showing the route Tony will roughly be taking and I think we can all agree, this is no easy feat!!

Good Luck Tony we will be routing for you!


Our Secretary Stephen Clark, managed to catch up with our intrepid foot warrior Henry Hughes after his sterling effort on this years Kilt Walk raising funds for the Scottish Police Benevolent Fund. Thanks to his massive efforts, he raised a fantastic £450 for the charity, which will be put to great use supporting our officers and their families. A big thank you to Henry from all at SPBF.

If you would like to walk, run, cycle, knit, bake or do any activity in aid of raising funds for our charity, we would love to hear from you and give you our support. No matter how much or little you raise, it all counts towards supporting our members at time of need as Scotland’s ONLY dedicated Police charity for Police Officers, Support Staff and their families. So why not give it a go!!

Scots Police Charity helps one wee girl wish upon a star to make her Disney dream come true

With all the negative media stories around the world right now due to the Covid19 outbreak, it’s nice to know good things still happen and dreams do come true.

Thanks to the continued support from SPBF members and friends, one little girl was able to experience a holiday of a lifetime despite the many challenges she faces on a daily basis. Maisie, who is severely disabled physically and mentally, requires constant care on a 24/7 basis, and any type of excursion is a military operation for the family at the best of times.

So it was the pleasure of the SPBF to assist the family in sprinkling a little of that Disney Magic Dust and making her dream come true.

As a result of our direct intervention, Maisie’s parents where able to properly plan for this trip in the knowledge they had the backing and support of the charity. After obtaining a specialist flight cot to travel, adapted vehicle and a villa specially equipped to accommodate families with special needs, Maisie was finally on her way to never never land.

We loved receiving the pictures on their return of Maisie enjoying meeting Mickey and Minnie as well as spending some special one on one time with her favourite character, her dad in the pool.

It looks like Maisie and her family had a holiday to remember and we are so glad this was all still possible before the lock down took effect across the globe. It is only through members continued support, fundraisers and kind donations from members of the public that we can continue to support such deserving cases. So please continue to give generously when you can and let us continue to help make more dreams come true.

It costs less than the price of a cup of coffee a month to become a member of the Scottish Police Benevolent Fund, giving you peace of mind that in times of need or hardship, we have your back even long after you retire. If you’d like to join the SPBF, make a donation or raise funds for us please get in touch.

Scottish Police Benevolent Fund build ‘HOUSE of PAIN!’

Jack in his ‘House of Pain’

Thanks to our subscribing members and gratefully received donations, we are delighted to announce that we were recently able to assist another member of the Police family who came to us for assistance.  

Jack, who is aged nine, is the son of a serving Police officer and suffers from Cerebral Palsy.  It’s fair to say, Jack has had a bit of a time of it, having been born prematurely and spent the first four months of his life in hospital.  Shortly after his discharge, the family then had to contend with Jack being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  Mainly affecting his lower limbs, his parents were informed by the medical team that they were looking at the real prospect of Jack being wheelchair bound for the rest of his life.   

Thankfully Jack’s parents decided they weren’t going to give up so easily and would do everything they could to afford him as much of a normal childhood possible and provide him the best opportunity to be as mobile and active as possible. So they embarked on an intensive programme over the next few years towards achieving this.

Jack gets regular input from the community physiotherapist and needs twice daily physio sessions from his mum and dad just to keep his lower limbs from getting stiff.   But this hard work has paid off with Jack now having enough strength to walk with the aid of splints and a walking frame and not being totally reliant on a wheelchair.

These daily sessions are essential to maintain his current condition, but also mean the family struggle with all the other normal things that a busy family would usually have to contend with.

To try and continue to improve Jack’s strength and mobility it was apparent that he needed somewhere to allow him to focus on his physio without simple distractions.  Getting Jack to a local gym to further strengthen his limbs was impracticable due to his age, nor would they be set up to deal with Jack’s specific needs and that’s where the SPBF stepped in!

Being made aware of the Fund’s willingness to assist in supporting its members within the Police family, Jack’s parents made an application to our charity and in just a few simple steps, we were able to inform the family that we would be delighted to provide them with financial support to make Jack’s life that little bit easier.

With our support, the family were quickly able to decide upon a suitable design that met their specific needs and appoint local contractors to construct Jack’s new Gym within the confines of the back garden of the family home.

The guys get to work
It’s taking shape
Where’s that paint brush?
Just a last few finishing touches

Now fully constructed and equipped with all the necessary pieces of equipment to assist Jack in continuing his physical development.  The ultimate aim and hope is for Jack to be able to walk completely unaided in the future.

Fully constructed and looking great!
All kitted out and ready to receive Jack
Jack puts in a shift in his new Gym

Jack knows this is no easy task and will require a lot of work and dedication on his part, but he is determined he will get there and so now tongue in cheek refers to his new Gym as his own personal ‘House of Pain!’

All systems are GO!

Jack’s parents have expressed their sincere gratitude to the Scottish Police Benevolent Fund and its members for all the support and assistance given.  It’s great to see Jack happy at work in his ‘House of Pain’ and we shall be watching with keen interest on his progress towards those big steps.

The SPBF previously produced a series of short videos spotlighting some of our work over the years. In them, officers and their families tell us their stories and what the Scottish Police Benevolent Fund has done for them. You can view these videos by clicking on our blog via the home page. If you know somebody who needs help then contact us.

It costs less than the price of a cup of coffee a month to become a member of the Scottish Police Benevolent Fund, giving you peace of mind that in times of need or hardship, we have your back even long after you retire. If you’d like to join the SPBF, make a donation or raise funds for us please get in touch.