Our intrepid traveller Tony Catlin continues his exhaustive mission on a hike across northern Scotland.   Tony is currently attempting to complete the challenge of hiking the 230 mile long Cape Wrath trail.

He really is pushing the boat out and stretching himself to the limit, all in aid of raising funds for our charity.  Go Tony!!

Tony is keeping us updated on his travels where he can get signal. Below are some of the stunning views and a few other pics showing his progress.

I think we can all agree it’s some effort by Tony. If you could find your way to supporting Tony in raising money for the charity, no matter how small a donation, then please do so via the link here.

He’s still some way to go before he finishes, but he’s currently ahead of schedule despite some horrific and challenging weather so far. Temperatures have at times been near freezing with hailstones.  Requiring him to use his survival suit for the first time in his climbing and hiking history since he was 17 years old!

But he has his faithful friend with him.  Who as you can see is being a courteous traveller as all explorers should be. Bringing his own porta loo and shovel with him.   Maybe no woods to go to as such, as the old saying goes. But when a bear’s gotta go, a bear’s gotta go!!!

Lets give Tony all the support we can to reach his goal of £1,000 towards the charity.  Click on the link above to give to his donation page and maybe help a poor bear in need too!



BIG! Shout out to Harry Hughes, who will be doing a 3 day Kiltwalk in support of SPBF between 23-25 April, walking roughly 12 miles a day! Pls click on the link to support Harry & read more about his fund raising efforts.

We hope to post further updates and pictures as Harry is out and about on his walks during the event so stay tuned!

Help us to help others in need 💗 and make a donation to Harry’s fundraising event. All monies raised are boosted by 50% thanks to Kiltwalk, so go on make a difference to someone’s life in a time of need.

Harry’s Kiltwalk Page